What is a SR22A Form?

SR22A form is very similar to the SR22 form. In most cases you will be required to file a SR22A form if you have repeatedly violated the financial responsibility laws.

A particular example would be if you were required to file a SR22 form as a proof of having an adequate insurance policy, but failed to do so and continued to drive without auto insurance.

There are only 3 states in which the SR22A form is used – Georgia, Texas and Missouri. As far as the first 2 states are concerned, the biggest difference between SR22A and SR22 form is that you will have to pay 6 months in advance for your policy if SR22a is required.

As with SR22, SR22A means that your are now in the high risk drivers category and your auto insurance is guaranteed to go up. Avoid the SR22A form by filing a SR22 form when required and make sure you don’t allow your auto insurance to lapse.

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